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We provide one stop logistical solution for all types of cargo movement on the high seas:



Ocean Freight is moving the biggest chunk of the cargo worldwide. Almost all the commodities now being transported by Ocean Freight. With the new Technologies, and much Improved communication & tracking , Ocean Freight is now much more reliable mode of transport .We pride ourselves on our excellent relationship with most of the major carriers and enjoy the best of rates. We have the contracts with Major carriers to ensure the best of the services at the optimum price to our customers.



With our wide network of partners worldwide we are able to handle shipments from all parts of the world. Along with our partners we provide personalized services to our customers and provide end-to end movement information. We are well experienced with the clearance of all types of commodities. We are also able to handle the shipments from any part of World to any Ocean Port or Dry port in India. We have a dedicated Ocean Inbound team to give the best of services to our customers.