Time is the biggest factor

fastest shipping 24/7 express logistics

In today’s Fast Moving World, where time is the biggest factor, the volumes moving by Air Freight are ever increasing round the world. We have expertise, infrastructure and experience to provide full range of logistics services for air shipments. With the geographical & market knowledge, out Air Freight Team is fully equipped to provide the optimum solutions for the shipments that require shorter transits & are Time sensitive :



We have good tie-ups with the major airlines and due to our regular committed volumes and support; we get the best deals in terms of services and freight rates. We ensure that these benefits are passed on to the customers to make their package competitive. Some of the carriers we most commonly deal with are Air India, Emirates Skycargo, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways, Saudi Arabian Airlines Jet Airways, China Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Finnair, Lufthansa Airlines, Turkish Airlines,European Air Transport , Air Asia, and Korean airlines.
Our Air Freight team has full Knowledge on carriers strength of destinations, capacity, and connectivity. They are trained for the handling of different commodities including Dangerous goods, Perishable cargo including Flowers, Vegetables (fresh & frozen),and Meat (Fresh & Frozen),  and time sensitive cargoes (Fashion, Pharmaceuticals, Automotive) . Due care is taken to keep the customers informed about the whereabouts of the cargo at all times.



We are the customs registered Consolidators in New Delhi and can receive the Import consolidations at all the Major airports in India. We do offer door-to door services for all air cargo from all countries of origin. We ensure quick clearance and delivery of the cargo arriving in India, with our team being situated in the major airports.